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updating of bnbc
Buildings, be it for housing, industry, education, health care or any other use, constitute the major part of construction for physical infrastructure development of the country. A substantial portion of national resource is invested in building construction in both public and private sectors. In order to ensure optimum return of this investment and to achieve satisfactory performance of the building in terms of safety, serviceability, health, sanitation and general welfare of the people, building construction needs to be controlled and regulated.
With a view to bringing in control and ensuring a uniform standard of building construction practice in the country, the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) was prepared in 1993 under the aegis of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works. BNBC is a 1000 page detailed document specifying safe and acceptable practices in all aspects of building design and construction for various uses or occupancy.
Government promulgated Building Code as legally binding on all concerned by S.R.O. No. 84-Law/2006 dated 22 May 2006 published in the Bangladesh Gazette on 15 November 2006.

In the light of the advancements in engineering and technology that has meanwhile taken place and the changed socio-environmental scenario in the country, the Building Code prepared in 1993 needs updating and revision to keep pace with time. The need has become especially significant in view of the fact that the Building Code is now the law of the land, and no more a reference document. An outdated law cannot achieve its intended purpose.
A study project has been taken by Housing and Building Research Institute to update the present Building Code.
The main objective of the project is to revise and update the provisions of the Bangladesh National Building Code to keep pace with present needs. The work will comprise the following three components:
  • Review, revision and updating of the Bangladesh National Building Code 1993 to bring it at par with the present state-of-the-art paying due consideration to local needs and practices.
  • Review of Building Construction Act 1952 with the latest amendments and preparation of draft of an amended/updated version of the Act for consideration of enactment by competent authority.
  • Review of present administrative arrangement for implementing the provisions of Building Construction Act at various levels, rural, union, upazila, district and metropolitan, for both private and government developments. Recommendation of an effective yet achievable administrative arrangement to ensure compliance of the Building Construction Act at all levels.
Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) prepared in 1993 has ten distinct parts addressing different aspects of building construction and building services.
  • Part 1 : Scope and Definitions
  • Part 2 : Administration and Enforcement
  • Part 3 : General Building Requirements, Control and Regulation
  • Part 4 : Fire Protection
  • Part 5 : Building Materials
  • Part 6 : Structural Design
  • Part 7 : Construction Practices and Safety
  • Part 8 : Building Services
  • Part 9 : Alteration, Addition to and Change of Use of Existing Buildings
  • Part 10 : Signs and Outdoor Display
Send Your Comments
Comments from all users of present building code are invited by the project authority in order to enhance and update the present code. Any comments received either from individuals or from different Govt./Non-Govt./Autonomous/Corporation/construction or consulting firms/institution will be evaluated by the expert and necessary suggestion will be incorporated into the revised code.
You may send your comments to :
Member Secretary
BNBC Steering Committee
Housing and Building Research Institute
120/3, Darus-Salam, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216
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