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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ১st ফেব্রুয়ারি ২০১৭

চলমান গবেষণা

  • Study on Improvement of Indoor Living Comfort using different types of Thermal Insulation in roofs and walls
  • Developing Shelter Design Guidelines for Cyclone prone Areas
  • Legitimacy of Existence An Endurable Livelihood for RMG Workers in Bangladesh
  • High Rise High Density Housing for low income people in Dhaka city: an assessment of possibility
  • Comparative analysis of performance of Ferro cement, Ferro cement Sandwich panel, Thermal block and Adobe material in construction (non load bearing walls)
  • Study on Cement Stabilized Adobe Brick Made of Dredged soil From River Kopotakha- Satkhira and River Turag- Dhaka
  • Study on Ferrocement Wall and Ferrocement Sandwich Wall Panel
  • Study on Thermal Block as Building Material.
  • Study on Coconut Fiber Cement Board
  • Efficiency of Mesh Overlaps of Ferrocement Elements
  • Development of Adobe using Jute Fiber as Reinforcing Agent
  • Improvement of Conventional Ferrocent as Building material
  • Utilization of domestic waste in Construction".
  • "Study on improvement of indoor living comfort using different types of thermal insulation in roof and walls".
  • "Study on properties of different species on Bamboo as a construction material in Bangladesh".
  • "Effects of tank material on water quality in household storage tank".
  • Research Project proposal on Development of Splicing Technique of Precast Pile
  • Comparative Study of R.C. and F.C. hollow post for Rural Housing
  • Development of Alternative Roofing Technology for Top Roof to Minimize Internal Heat.
  • In situ load test of two storied F.C. Model House at HBRI campus
  • Comparative Cyclic Behavior of R.C. Frames with Different Infisll Materials (12 Nos.)
  • Study on full scale footing load test and justification of the bearing capacity equation in Bangladesh.  

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